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Zed Amadeo is a writer and author of fantasy and horror novels including the Kindred series. Zed has always held a curiosity for the unexplained. Especially that of the most elusive mystery of them all: the human psyche. After gobbling up works of speculative fiction and the paranormal and experiencing adventures across the globe, she pursued the study of the world’s greatest enigma with an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Zed is currently signed to SF/For the Culture at Wahida Clark Presents Publishing.

The Kindred Series

Re-Release Coming in 2021!

Recent Posts

The Music of Kindred

I’m always curious about the influences behind creative works. If you are an artist, writer, musician, film director, or other kind of creative - what would you say have been the most influential songs, albums and/or artists on your latest work, or your work in general? This post was originally ...
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To Infinity, and Beyond!

I have wanted to be a writer for about as long as I can remember. For so long, the thought of getting a publishing contract remained a far off dream, an asymptote that I could approach but not quite touch. But after so many years of striving to improve my ...
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