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About Me

The Official Bio

Zed Amadeo is an author of dark fantasy and horror, including the “Kindred” series of dark urban fantasy books. She has always held a curiosity for the unexplained and believes that every good story starts with “What If?”. Zed resides in her adopted hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, where she spends far too much time watching horror movies and consuming the best works of fantasy and science fiction she can find, all of which refill her creative well and inspire her writing. When not writing or reading, Zed is a fan of day-long video game marathons, headbanging to 80s music, and connecting with other artists and creators in the speculative fiction world.

Zed is currently signed to SF/For the Culture, the genre imprint of Wahida Clark Presents Publishing.

All of my books, short stories and related content.

Blog on writing and reviewing sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Curated directory of sci-fi, fantasy and horror writing resources.