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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things to Quit

Aaaand it’s time again for Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish! This week I’m ranting about bookish things I need to quit. Onto the rant!

1. Kindle freebie greed

via GIPHY – My brain devouring free Kindle books

This is a relatively new habit considering I got my Kindle last year, and I’ve had time to get better at it in the interim. But I really need to stop hitting the “Buy Now with 1-Click” button on Amazon and downloading every book from Bookbub and SweetFreeBooks that even remotely interests me. I keep ending up with a Kindle full of books that I’ll never have time to finish!


2. Assuming the book will be better than the movie

From Snappin Studio
From Snappin Studio

I’ve seen a good number of films where the book was better or at least comparable to its movie adaptation. But I’ve also seen movies that far surpassed the source material, so I should probably stop having such high hopes when I compare the two.


3. Book Infidelity


I can get so indecisive which book I want to read that I sometimes end up reading small bits of multiple books, switching between all of them because I’m not sure that I want to commit to just one. I kind of alleviated this in high school by creating a system for myself: I had one book I read during breaks in school, another for when I was at home, and a third to read with meals. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to bring this system back so that I can put more focus on each book I’m reading.


4. Late night library requesting



When I was in college I had this somewhat bizarre tendency to stroll through the library catalog shortly before I fell asleep. The problem was that I was so tired when I did this that I would sometimes end up requesting books and then forgetting about them. While I did find some interesting reads this way, more often than not I’d end up with a pile of books that sounded interesting when I requested them but that I never actually ended up reading.


5. Library hoarding

From Book Mania
From Book Mania

Similar to the way that some people have to make a grocery list before they go to the store to keep themselves from purchasing extraneous items, if I don’t make a plan before I go to the library of exactly what I’m going to get I’ll end with a bagful of books that I’ll never get read before their due date.


6. Fear of YA


There was a time during my adolescence where I plowed through the YA section of the library and bookstore. Now, I’m almost afraid to peruse the YA section. I think I overstuffed myself with the genre in too short of a time and got tired of reading certain tropes in the genre over and over again, so I started avoiding YA almost entirely. I think enough time has passed by that it’s probably safe for me to wander back into the genre.


7. Big book intimidation


According to my Goodreads stats, I’ve read more books in 2015 than in any other year. However, my page count for this year doesn’t beat my past records. Even though I’ve been reading lots more books this year (mainly due to the ease of buying and borrowing books on my Kindle), most of these books are shorter than the works I would have read in the past. There’s some hefty books I’d really like to give a chance (such as Neal Stephenson!) but am too intimidated to actually pick up and read. I’m sure I could find some great works if I could get over this mental block.


What bookish habits are you trying to quit?

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    • Zed Amadeo

      Exactly! Sometimes the movie was so much better than the book that actually reading the source material felt somewhat like a waste of time for me (especially since reading the book took a lot longer than watching the movie!)

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