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The World of Kindred: Have You Seen These Suspects?

Have you seen these suspects?

The World of Kindred

Suspects Wanted in ‘Bizarre’ Attack

GREENVILLE – Authorities are searching for the two suspects believed to be responsible for an attack that occurred over the weekend. In what authorities are calling the most ‘bizarre’ case of the year, a young woman was abducted outside of her car by the two suspects late Saturday night. She was then taken to a nearby field and attacked in a ritualistic manner. The victim was found early Sunday morning and taken into hospital care.

Description of suspects, as reported by the victim: two Caucasian males in their mid-to-late twenties, between 5’8” and 6’0” in height, medium build, one with long blond hair, the other with dark brown or black hair, both wearing ceremonial robes. Composites based on victim’s description:

Facial composites

The above article is a depiction of the events that change Dina’s life forever in Resurrection, the first book in the dark urban fantasy series “Kindred.”

Brutally attacked and left for dead, Dina Durst’s mundane life is brought to an abrupt end.

With her ordinary life broken beyond repair by the mysterious attack, Dina is dragged into a dark underworld of magic she never knew existed. No longer able to lead the life she once had, Dina embarks on a search for answers and quest for revenge, discovering new powers within herself.

Using her new discovery of magic, Dina rebuilds herself into a powerful new creature: a witch, intent on seeking revenge on those who wronged her. What nightmares and revelations will she unearth as she explores this dark world of fantasy and magic?

Experience Dina’s entrance into a supernatural and mystical world in Resurrection, the introduction to the “Kindred” series of dark urban fantasy novellas.

Resurrection is available as an eBook on the Amazon Kindle store or for rental with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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For Book Bloggers and Book Reviewers:

Free review copies of Resurrection are available! Shoot me an email at amadeo.zed (at) if you are interested in reviewing Resurrection.

Resurrection by Zed Amadeo

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