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Top Ten Tuesday: My Most-Read Authors

Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week it’s the top ten authors I’ve read the most books from, some of which surprised me. All author photographs from Goodreads.

Top Ten Most Read Authors

1. Matt Shaw


Book Count: 19

Favorite Book: Happy Ever After

I wasn’t surprised that Matt Shaw was in my list of top read authors, but I was surprised that he was my most read one because he’s the author I discovered most recently. Happy Ever After was one of the first books I read on my Kindle.


2. Neil Gaiman


Book count: 18

Favorite Book: Sandman or Mirrormask

One of the authors whose talent I envy the most.


3. Marissa Moss


Book count: 15

Favorite book: Amelia’s Boredom Survival Guide

I read pretty much every book in the Amelia’s Notebook series as a kid.


4. Bill Watterson


Book count: 12

Favorite book: The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

I love Calvin and Hobbes!


5. JK Rowling


Book count: 11

Favorite book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

The author that sparked my imagination as a kid, and continues to inspire me as a writer.


6. Scott Westerfeld


Book count: 10

Favorite book: Uglies

I think reading Uglies sparked the beginning of my YA phase as a teenager.


7. Chuck Palahniuk


Book count: 9

Favorite book: Invisible Monsters

He may be one of my favorite writers, but I still somehow manage to misspell his name every time!


8. John Peel


Book count: 8

Favorite book: Book of Names

Another surprise! I loved the Diadem series as a teen.


9. Stephen King


Book count: 6

Favorite book: Carrie

I saw Carrie the Musical once. I thought it was fantastic.


10. Jeff Vandermeer


Book count: 6

Favorite book: Annihilation or The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases

I only discovered Jeff Vandermeer last year, but I wish I could have known about his fiction sooner!


Who are your most read authors?

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  1. Nikki

    Ooh, I should’ve thought of Neil Gaiman — I’ve read all of Sandman and some of his other comics, as well as all of his novels and short stories.

  2. Summer

    What a great selection! There’s quite a few authors on here that I really want to read someday. And I was really surprised Westerfeld made it on your list. He also bridged the beginning of my young adult reading adventures as well. I really enjoyed Uglies too, which is an unpopular opinion, I think. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Summer at Xingsings

    • Zed Amadeo

      I first read Uglies when I borrowed a copy from a friend who hadn’t yet read it. When she did get around to reading it she didn’t even like it! I didn’t realize that so many people disliked it. I heard that it was optioned for a movie a few years ago, but it never got made.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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