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Nostalgia Sunday

So it’s a rainy Sunday, and what am I to do? Why, walk down memory lane of course!

Sometimes (ok, fairly often) I like to go through the archives and re-watch old stuff that brings back warm, fuzzy memories from my childhood. Here’s my selection from today. As you can tell, I was a pretty big Cartoon Network fan:

Samurai Jack – one of the coolest cartoons back in the day.


I used to get super excited when this song from The Powerpuff Girls Soundtrack came on TV. I even used to have one of the Gameboy games (Paint the Townsville Green, I believe it was called).


Dexter’s Laboratory – such a wacky, goofy show. Used to come on shortly before I went to bed.


What are the videos or theme songs you like to watch that bring back warm, fuzzy memories?


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