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“Resurrection” Available for Pre-order!

I am so thrilled to announce that Resurrection, the first book in my dark fantasy series Kindred, is now available for pre-order before it’s released on November 26 (aka Black Friday)!

Book Summary

When a night out leads to tragedy, one life ends and a new one begins!

Despite her best efforts, Dina’s life felt ordinary – until the night her life was threatened by otherworldly forces. Now plunged into the extraordinary, Dina discovers a mysterious realm of demons, fantastic creatures, and powers beyond her dreams. Intent on revenge, Dina’s new life seems boundless. But the cost of her thrilling new life means leaving behind everything she had known, and even loved, and risking dangers beyond her worst nightmares. Her decision to embrace this mysterious new world will forever change her fate and, perhaps, have irrevocable consequences on more lives than just her own.

In her debut novel Resurrection, Zed Amadeo combines her mastery of horror fiction with the wonder and magic of Harry Potter to delight readers with a contemporary dark fantasy. This chilling debut is perfect for fans of A Discovery of Witches and The Last Apothecary! There’s treachery around every turn in Resurrection, a new fantasy release from (SF/F)or the Culture.

Interested in a free copy in exchange for an honest review? Send me a message!

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