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Reunion: A New eBook Available Now!

I’m very pleased to announce Reunion, the second book in the “Kindred” series!

The follow-up to Resurrection has arrived!

Reunion: A Dark Fantasy Tale


Here’s the blurb from Amazon:

Brian, a less-than-average warlock trapped in an underworld ravaged by violence, wants little more than a chance to display his worth to his tribe. Desiring an opportunity please his brethren and prove his moxie, Brian takes on a mission for his coven: spy on Shay, a witch with a rare and valuable talent, and figure out how to steal her away for her coven’s gain. A plan that should have been easy, if not for Brian’s growing infatuation with the witch he is meant to ensnare. His decision is only further complicated when Shay gains a new companion: a new witch seeking a way to contact her dead adviser. With only days left to decide between his infatuation or his assignment, Brian soon finds himself enmeshed in a grand plan far beyond his meager depths.

Descend into a world of dark magic in Reunion, the second book in the dark urban fantasy series “Kindred.”

If you haven’t read the first installment, you can check out Resurrection on Amazon.


You can also get a free Kindred spellbook when you sign up for my newsletter!

Free Kindred Spellbook

Look out for more updates on the third installment, Recipe, coming in Winter 2015!

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