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Welcome to Apophis

Tired of the mundane? Add a spark of magic to your life. Come to Apophis, where you’re always welcome.

Had a long week? Looking for a classy place to kick back and relax with other magical folk like yourself? Come to Apophis bar and lounge, located in the bustling center of Springfield.

Mock-up from <a href=""> Freepik</a>
Mock-up from Freepik


Take a look at the tasty selections. Whether you want to sink into a book and relax or get pumped up for a night out with friends, Apophis has concoctions, both magical and mudane, to satisfy your mood:

Mockup from <a href="">Free Goodies for Designers</a>
Mockup from Free Goodies for Designers

If you ever need a place to call home, come to Apophis, open from 3 until Late every day. We’ll always leave a booth open for you.


Mockup from <a href="">Graphic Burger</a>
Mockup from Graphic Burger


Want to visit Apophis? Explore this bar and other magical locales in Reunion, the second book in the Kindred dark urban fantasy series, available on Amazon.

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