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Top Ten Tuesday: Wishes from the Book Genie

Welcome again to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! This week, we’re counting down my top ten book-related wishes a book genie would grant me.

From The Disney Wiki

 1. Stop time when I read

FromBook Geek Confessions
From Book Geek Confessions

Although my TBR list is becoming infinitely long, I always want more time to read. I don’t like reading in between doing other things – I’d much rather have a solid chunk of time when I can get comfortable and enjoy the book at hand. The book genie could either make it so that I can choose to slow down or stop time when I read or give me the ability to read extremely quickly without losing comprehension or enjoyment, just so I can find a way to cram more books into my life.


2. The perfect reading spot

From Buzzfeed
From Buzzfeed

I sometimes have a hard time getting comfy when I’m preparing to read for an extended period of time. If I lay on my bed, I have to prop up the book or e-reader just right. If I’m sitting in a chair, chances are my neck will start cramping up from looking downward for too long. But with the perfect reading spot, I wouldn’t have to worry about any of that. All I would have to do is sit down and I would instantly get comfortable enough to enjoy my book.


3. VIP Access to the perfect library

From Goodreads

This library wouldn’t necessarily be full of every book that ever existed, but all of the books that fit my reading tastes. Since it’s exclusive access, I know that they would always have copies of the book that I am looking for. No more waiting for my holds to come in or someone requesting the book after I’ve checked it out. The librarian would always know the exact book to recommend me next, so I would never have to go searching through my TBR list again. Plus, this library would include the World’s Most Comfortable Reading spot somewhere inside.


4. A New e-Reader

From Amazon
From Amazon

Though I do love my current Kindle, it would be great to get a hold of one of the newer models so that I could read in bed with a backlit screen. Using a book light on a Kindle is kind of awkward.


 5. A Halloween Party with Poe and Lovecraft

Pets by Heri-Shinato on DeviantArt

Who better to celebrate Halloween with than two of my favorite dark fiction writers? They could unite for one last hurrah at a spooky Halloween bash. Even if they weren’t lively partygoer-type people, I’d get to chat with them about horror!


6. Another book like House of Leaves

House of Leaves
From Goodreads

House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski is one of my favorite books ever. After I read it I went on a desperate search for something that would leave a similar impact on me, but have not yet found it. I’m still searching.


7. A videogame version of Annihilation

From Goodreads

I think the Southern Reach series by Jeff Vandermeer could make an awesome survival game. You could choose what kind of researcher you want to be, go through training, and explore Area X in search of answers. Or perhaps you could be a researcher back at Southern Reach HQ when your studies of Area X suddenly go horrifically wrong. It could be a combination of S.T.A.L.K.E.R and SCP Containment Breach. I would play that game for days on end.


8. Receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter


One of my childhood wishes finally fulfilled. Turns out they’ve been trying to deliver my letter for years, but the owls kept getting lost or something.


9. A day to talk with Neil Gaiman

From Buzzfeed

I’ve repeatedly said that Gaiman is one of the authors whose talent I envy the most. I’d love to spend a day chatting with him about his writing process and his work over the years.


10. Find me a new favorite book

From BookFessions
From BookFessions

I love that excitement of being midway through a book and already knowing that it’s going to end up on my list of favorites. It’s been some time since a book I’ve read has made it back onto that list. The book genie could help me fix that.


What are your bookish wishes?




    • Zed Amadeo

      The book pain struggle is real for us bookworms! I feel like a good chunk of my generation, whether aware of it or not, is still waiting for their Hogwarts letter, haha!

  1. Kristen Burns

    Ugh, yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve found one of those favorites-list books, too. Like, beginning of the year long. Which also kind of goes with #6 because I’ve spent all this time looking for another series like one that I read in January but have yet to find anything even close. So I feel your pain! But I could also use some libraries and time-stopping powers. Here’s my TTT!

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  3. Zezee

    Oh yes! A perfect reading spot would be great. No need to change positions or strain your eyes or muscles.
    I’d also like to visit all those lovely libraries featured on those BuzzFeeds lists.

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